Only the Light Can Drive Out Darkness

Negativity cannot drive out negativity, only positivity can do that.

As political views become more heated and polarizing it is easy become pessimistic. Mutual negativity and hostility is mirrored on both sides, spilling out into our Facebook News Feed and daily discourse.

A negative attitude about our broken political system is not a unique or original thought. It appears that everyone shares this sentiment and that it is reinforced by each person who says it. But, this is not how we solve problems.

In a time of problems, be the one who finds solutions.

Solutions are positive.

Solutions cannot be found with a defeated negative mindset. We must not add to the negativity that surrounds us. We must drive it out with the light. The light is the truth.

The truth sets us free. A lie cannot live forever.

To know the truth we must audit what we say. It is easier to question what others say and discredit them, but what about our own words? Do we know for certain that what we are saying is true? How do we know?

Not enough people fact check themselves. They go around saying generalized statements assuming they are true, because these impulsive utterances align with their beliefs.

Anger does not drive out anger, only joy can do that.

Right now there is a lot of anger disseminated by the news media. But where is the joy? Surely there are good things to be ecstatic about?

If there is unrest in the United States, it is because collectively we have polluted the public mood with negativity. Do not add to it. Do not support it.

There is a difference between taking a stand for what it is right and being perpetually unhappy. Let us not ignore the blessings all around us.

Love is a powerful emotion. It has the strength to move people. Love can disarm a warrior and turn their heart of stone into a heart of flesh.

Respond to the mean spirited with kindness. Respond to hatred with love. Shine light into the darkness and drive it out.

That’s how you change the world. Remind us of our native tongue. The loving, trusting, and joyful mindset of every child ever born.

It is not naive to be pure. It is wiser than falling to the vices that lead to destruction.

It is not weak to be pure. It takes great restraint to not get pulled into conflict.

The light is very strong that is why it can drive out the darkness.

Darkness cannot resist light. Falsehoods cannot resist truth. Optimism dissolves pessimism.

Dreams are what drive us forward. They are what give us the courage to pursue a better future. Good things begin as dreams.

Aspire to make a positive impact.

Confessions of a Perfectionist

Perfectionism is a bad trait. But its a bad trait that is often celebrated.

Perfectionists want to be known as such, because we focus on the perfect part of the word.

Truth be told, for many years I believed that perfectionism was a good thing. I also believed that being an overachiever somehow made me a better person.

It was an elitist view. I wanted to be better than everyone else. I wanted to be perfect. But, perfectionism is like chasing a rainbow.

An undefined goal is no goal at all. It sets us up for failure.

A perfectionist’s desire to be perfect stems from not understanding what perfection is.

Perfection is not Linear

In a perfectionist’s mind, perfection is linear. We believe that there is some pinnacle we could reach, if we try harder.

But life is not linear, it’s unidirectional. It’s like outer space. There’s no top or bottom. There’s no first place. Just scattered chaos.

There are so many categories to be number #1 in and these categories are all contradicting each other.

To be on the extremes is to be imbalanced. To be the most this, you are the least that. The one who is balanced is first in nothing, but also last in nothing.

The Jar Analogy

Imagine that we are all in a jar filled with water.

There are some floating at the top, some at the bottom of this jar.

Now imagine that the jar were flipped. The top are now at the bottom and the bottom are now at the top.

Then turn the jar on its side. Those in the middle on one side of the jar are at the top, but they are all equal with the rest on that side.

Spin the jar around and it’s hard to define who is on top.

That’s how I imagine life to be. The categories for scoring who is on top are constantly changing and are different by everyone else’s standards. To achieve perfection in such an arena is impossible.

Once one realizes that perfection is an illusion and that we are only able to get better in one category by sacrificing another, we are set free.