Beowulf in 2 Minutes

Beowulf in 2 Minutes was the final touch to a group presentation in English II at Cornerstone Christian Schools. Filmed and edited by Aaron Garcia with a Canon ZR700 MiniDV Camcorder in Sony Vegas 6 Platinum Edition; titles created in Apple LiveType. Original footage is available on request to cast members only.
Video opens with a remixed grunge Paleolithic Films logo (its first appearance) and Sheryl Krock sneaking around the forest as a monster. Entire video is sped up for comic effect. The next scene shows three soldiers in the castle carrying on, having a good time; played by Eric Ramos, Jared Farhart and Carolann Morgan. Sheryl, the monster, attacks and kills Jared, the fallen solider. In midst of all the chaos, Beowulf walks in; played by Eric Ramos. Eric banishes his sword, while yelling “I am Beowulf,” but decides he will fight this monster with his bare hands. He hands his sword to a hand that pops out behind a column. Beowulf then fights the monster in several scenes, eventually ripping the monster’s arm off. Sheryl the monster runs away. The next scene Beowulf and another solider played again by Jared are knighted by King Hrothgar; played by Aaron Garcia. The final scene shows Beowulf dying on the grass of old age. Credits are used as transitions during the entire length of the video to ensure the whole story was told in under 2 minutes.

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