The Situation

[wpvideo wkUAm1Jg]

This was my final project for Producing and Directing Seminar (COMM 4358) at the University of the Incarnate Word.

After months of preparation, when it came time to shoot the unexpected happened – I was hospitalized for appendicitis. After a week in the hospital, recovering from potentially fatal complications, I was finally able to shoot. But, the co-star (the character who I filled in for) could not make it because of a scheduling conflict that my stay in the hospital caused. Frankly, I was in no shape to do all of the on-foot pursuit stunts that were originally in the script. So, I just surrendered when the car was stopped by the corrupted federal agents. Then there were the scenes that introduced my character which, I omitted with some hesitation after considering how sick I was feeling. Despite the forced revisions to my script, I think the final version came out beautifully. And more importantly, I gained experience coordinating a production while confined to a hospital bed.

Directed by Jonathan Guajardo
Written by Aaron Garcia
Starring: Jonathan Guajardo, Aaron Garcia, Candice Avila, Oscar Delagarza and Rick Treviño.
Edited by Aaron Garcia
Shot with a Canon Vixia HF200 and a borrowed boom mic. Edited in Final Cut Pro X with custom graphics designed in Motion 5. The satellite zoom was created by capturing Google Maps with Screenflow 3. Stock music used: “Bring the Pain” and “Big Chase Orchestral.”

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